This begins the lore of the Augurs of the Serpent. It is warranted to change based on RP's, and will be defiantly added onto. Keep checking up on this to stay caught up! -Vulkaen


Early Years:

Before they were Serpents, there was the Hydra. After the Alfa Legion's treachery, an Alpha Legion Cell was tasked with keeping an eye on the Alfa Legion after their defection back in the years of the Horus Heresy. Their presence wouldn't be noticed, until the Inquisition discovered their presence and tipped off the Alfa Legion about their Cell's presence in the Ixianad Sector, thus sparking The Ixianad Shadow Crusade.

The Ixanad Shadow Crusade:

Before the Crusade forces arrived, the Alpha Legion were in the midst of laying siege to a nearby Forge world to obtain factories. Which were needed to build the vehicles t
hey needed to soon begin their long awaited invasion of Subsector Scandivus. However this siege did not last long and the Cell was beaten back to their base on Kantorus after a surprise assault by the combined forces of the Sisterhood and 12th Company forces, After the Cell being pushed back from the Forge World, the knowing that there is an incoming force coming to their base, they readied defenses for the Assault and called for some reinforcements to come to their aid.

While this was going on, one of the Cell's current Sorcerers named Darkminster had a plan to unleash an army of Daemons to aid the Cell in their darkest hour with the aid of a tome that his master possessed. However, he would have to take this tome by force, So he gathered some Alpha Legionnaires by his side and made for his master's library.

After his master was murdered in cold blood, after resisting to give Darkminster the tome that could save or damn the Cell, Darkminster then prepared to attempt and summon Daemons into the realm, but was stopped by the Relic Blade of Ares Gideon Cleaving Darkminster's arm off and thus disrupting the Ritual, and after a one sided fight Darkminster was defeated after being stabbed in the gut and left for dead. The tome was cast into a fire as the Captain left him lying there.

After the Slaughter of the Alpha Legion cell and the loyalists departure, the Reinforcements arrived in the Destined Darkness a Lunar Class Battlecruiser, but they arrived too late. Their base in ruins, the bodies of their brothers put to the torch. However, from the ruins a single Sorcerer with one arm stood standing along sides some marines who survived the slaughter, Darkminster had somehow survived barely standing. 

The Serpent Remains:

Two weeks after the Assault on Kantorus, Darkminster Emerged from the Medical Bay of the Destined Darkness sporting a poorly maintained Bionic Arm while the remains of the cell were licking their wounds , Darkminster took advantage of this to take over, and usurped the current leader of the warband thus taking his place as the Cell's Leader. His first order of business was to reform the Cell into a Warband using his knowledge of the Codex Astartes to organize his rag-tag force. The Augurs Of The Serpent was born and their quest? To bring the Alfa Legion back to the Alpha Legion and for Darkminster, revenge for what Ares Gildeon and his allies did to him.

The Siege of Cismet:

Soon after the formation of the new Warband, The Augurs of the Serpent, the glareful eye of that sorcerer came upon a planet toward the center of the sector, Cismet. Reports began to buzz over Alfa Legion communications with the planet. Direct messages across open space were broadcasted for all to hear; Cismet had revolted from Imperial rule. The heavy guns upon her surface began to send storms of fire to the skies, sending Imperial craft scattering away from the planet. The sudden change of allegiance troubled the Alfa legion, who would dispatch an expeditionary force of Marines, with the Captain Ares at their Head.

To the surprise of Ares, the small revolt could not be easily squashed. Even with reinforcements, the rebels seeming adamant about their decision to hold to their independence. The situation became even more complicated when reports of Sabotage, ambush, and overall compromising of the quick smashing of the Rebels. It was revealed that there were hulking, armored men assisting the rebels. Ares knew this enemy once. He could sense it.

Hit and run tactics were among the arsenal brought by the Augurs. The swift attacks began and wreaked havoc across the lines of the Alfa Legionnaires. Before reinforcements could arrive, they would be gone, disappeared to the lower hive. It was frustrating for Ares as he attempted to combat this rising nuisance. The week long campaign transformed into weeks, then months.

The battle that was pivotal in the re-conquering of Cismet began with an assault onto the quarters of the previous Planetary Governor. The confusion of the battle quickly broke Ares from the heart of his strike force into the Palace. His misdemeanors led him to Darkminister, he now yelling forth a challenge to his foe. The challenge did not go unanswered. The duel clashed on for minutes of combat on end. The realization that Ares didn't have the upper hand surprised Ares himself, and he was quickly pushed back with a series of quick blows. With a trained swipe, the forearm of Ares was lopped off. It was revenge for Darkminister, and he attempted to press his advantage further before being mortally wounded by Ares. Darkminister did not have time for such games. He bid Ares a farewell, before disappearing, taking his Legionnaires with him. Without the Marine's support, the planet fell quickly.

Darkminister knew that there was no way for the Augurs to hold the planet. The weight of Imperial forces upon his warband would be too great to bear.His purpose was to warn the Alfa legion. Darkminister and his small, young warband had promise. Incredible prowess with so few Marines. It was a testament to the might of the fledgling warband, and gave a clear signal to the Alfa legion. The Serpent would not be put down so easily.